The Boys Aren’t Home

the boys aren't home
The Boys Aren’t Home – HAMS Productions 2018


The year is 1914, The Boys Aren’t Home tells the fictional story of 4 lads from a small village who leave home, family and friends to fight for their country.

The story focuses on the 4 lads but also those they left behind to go and fight, their families strive to keep their spirits up while they worry about the boys who are in France.  

The boys strike an unlikely friendship with their sergeant who is an old soldier with no family. During their time in France they experience many hardships and find strength and comfort in being good friends learning to respect the sergeant and the officer that leads them, ultimately their adventure culminates in them going over the top.  

The boy’s friend who is unfit to join up has to endure calls of cowardice and receives a white feather and in the end has to deliver the hardest telegrams of his life.

The story also reveals the hardship of returning that many of the young men had to face and the guilt they felt.

Although The Boys Aren’t Home is a fictional story it is one that can apply to any village or town in the United Kingdom at the start of the First World War.

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